Tuesday, March 1, 2011

since those tomatoes will start growing soon: tomato pie

"Baby don't you cry, gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie with the heart in the middle..." Or tomatoes in the middle that is. If you don't know that song, you should click on the lyric link above. It's a sweet song that I sing whenever I'm making a pie.

Tom heard about this recipe on NPR once. It was listed as one of the cheapest recipes under $10, or something like that. The key is good tomatoes - if they're from a farmer's market or better yet, your garden, your pie will be delicious.
Tomato Pie
1 box of Bisquick
1 big sweet onion
about 2 lbs of garden fresh tomatoes
2 cups shredded cheese
1 cup mayo

  • Make 1 biscuit recipe from the Bisquick box
  • Use as a pie crust and bake it. Place either ceramic baking beads or another pie plate on top of it to keep it from rising out of control.
  • Layer in the pie crust (really high) the sweet onions sliced pretty thin (generally 1 big one) and the garden fresh tomatoes not too thin (about 2 lbs). Season each layer of tomatoes with salt, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil.
  • Make a top crust with 2 cups shredded cheddar and 1 cup mayo. Mix the cheese and mayo with your hands and squish it all over the pie like a top crust.
Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour.

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