Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Violation

Tom can be really funny sometimes. He knows just how to make me laugh.  If you know us, we're kinda messy. Ok, really messy. {I don't know why I'm so messy. My mom made me clean my room all the time. I spend countless hours cleaning, sorting...all the time. I think it's in my blood. You should see my craft room!}

We've really been working hard to keep things clean - trying to manage the daily clutter {it is hard!} One of Tom's jobs is to make the bed in the mornings. It's his job because he's usually the last out of bed. I never put him on bedroom patrol  though (for clothes, shoes, books, camera).

When I came home on Tuesday, I saw this on my clothes:
At a closer look I saw this:
FF stands for Fun Fund. Good thing I made some sales on Etsy to replenish my losses. Needless to say I laughed out loud when I saw this. It was too funny. 

Then yesterday, I received a few more notices on all of my little piles.
So, now I must go clean up all of my "piles." I don't want to receive any more violations.

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