Sunday, March 20, 2011

dear spring break....

Dear Spring Break,

       I am so glad that you were able to come for a visit. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our time together. You gave me such great gifts: allowing me to get my life in order, to clean properly {like sweeping and vacuuming under rugs},  sweet time with my husband, time to catch up on my blogging, and rest. Perhaps you were even able to slow down the grey hairs that are racing to cover my head.
     I'm glad you gave me time to get our garage in order and to clean out my closet. I cannot wait to sell all of those items at our garage sale in May. 
     I'm sorry that our spring break started with a scavenger hunt in search of Tom's tire; I know that you wanted to relax after your long day of travels.
At the arrival of the last clue, we discovered that while we were galavanting around town trying to find Tom's tire, the thieves were returning/replacing it to its home.
   What an adventure. I'm glad you were here to share it with us. I know it was difficult waking up early on Saturday morning, but we had to hurry and get on the road to go to the beach with the Whatleys. Do you remember when we saw those backwards mailboxes in Elba? Who does that?
We sure were glad to get to the beach. Didn't you love riding bikes around Water Color and Seaside? I know it was a real treat for you to be able to get out and relax like that. 
Remember how much you laughed at the seagull who was trying to eat an apple core?
     I know you wanted to stay at the beach with the Whatleys since we enjoyed visiting with them so much, but we wanted to take you to L.A. The big cities of Lower Alabama.

 I wish you would have told me that having wine and cheese in a hotel room was way more romantic in Nafplion, Greece than it was in Fairhope, Alabama.
Fairhope, Alabama
Nafplion, Greece
Anyways, if you go to Fairhope again, remember to stay at the Grand Hotel. Don't disregard the  advice that the McDonalds gave you and stay at the Holiday Inn Express.
We loved exploring Fairhope and Mobile. We were planning on staying another evening in Mobile, but the thought of paying money to stay in another Holiday Inn Express sent us north east  on the expressway to spend the night in the best hotel - home.

A cute little downtown.
SB (spring break) - I'm glad you came along on the trip so that you could take some photos of Tom and me.
this is how people in Fairhope spend their lunch break:
We found a bust of Tom at an antique shop.
We walked on a peer that seemed to be segregated. We desegregated it. 
Beautiful oak trees lined the streets. We loved the architecture in L.A. 
A shout out to one of Tom's frat bros who told us to eat at this L.A. gem.
We enjoyed live, big-band entertainment:
And SB took this photo of us:

I'm glad we came home for a while so that I could bond with my daughter. This is not a photo of boredom - just fun.
Tom did some father-daughter bonding of his own:
He also changed the oil in both of our cars (mom - tell dad).
We made some peach daiquiries with our fancy blender Nadine & Justin gave us for Christmas last year.
We also made some pita pizzas. The only ingredient we had to buy was the pitas. We highly recommend it. Super easy, fun, and everyone gets to make what they want.
And then finally, while you came to visit, we cleaned out pretty much everything. It feels good to get rid of "stuff" like this Thanksgiving vest I'll probably never wear again.

     Your friend summer is coming for a visit in almost no time. I know that she will stay for a much longer visit. There are already many things that I have planned for her stay. I wish you would visit more often. I love you.

                 Come again,


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  1. Your spring break looked like so much fun! The beach and fairhope seemed great! Now on to the countdown for school to be out :)


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