Saturday, February 12, 2011

what's for lunch today...

I've already completed some of my to-do list for the weekend. Last week Tom told me that my lunch box was going to break if I didn't remove some of the items. I've cleaned it out, and I'm going to share what I found in this bag...

Let's start at the top left corner...
1. Lip gloss - lips must be hydrated 2. sweet & salty (just bought it yesterday to take to school for a snack) 3. notepad - never know when those good ideas are going to hit me 4. sandwich box - would be relevant, but I didn't have a sandwich for lunch yesterday.

1. hand sanitizer - totally relevant 2. camera - never know when something good is going to happen. 3. earrings - ? 4. crinkle scissors - to create the wavy chips? I don't know.

1. skittles - a main food group. 2. camera charger - for the camera 3. hair thingys - to keep my hair out of my face 4. perfume - in case I forget to put it on at home - and yes - that is Brittany Spears. It's a sample - don't judge.

1. staples - a teacher staple 2. buttons....I think I found these on the lunch room table and was saving them for a craft. 3. bracelet from tacky September 4. Christmas lights - never know when you'll need a light.

1. pens - I love pens 2. spoon - a totally relevant item 3. another note sheet 4. band-aids - always need some extras

1. sandwich bag - I don't know what's in there. Just threw it away. 2. pay stubs - to remind me why I teach 3. granola - leftover breakfast 4. car cup holder thingy - I guess it needs to go back to my car.

Do you have anything other than your lunch in your lunch box?

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