Tuesday, February 22, 2011

merciless 12 year olds

I'm fighting a cold/sinus infection with probably too many things. As the day progressed at school, I just felt worse. One thing that I can count on is that my students will always be honest with me. That's a downfall of middle school kids - they act/speak first - then think about what they're saying. Here are just a few of their comments: 

"you look sick"
"you look tired"
"are you stick, you look terrible"
"are you sick because you look sick"
"you don't look like you feel too good"
"you don't look good, are you sick"
"why don't you go home, you don't look like you feel too well"
"do you have the flu because you look really sick"
"did you stay up all night, because you look really tired"

It's not really that I'm sick - I've just had that one-eye-dripping thing going on all day and explosive sneezes and I feel like I need a ride in an airplane so I can catch my head that's floating up in the clouds kind of feeling.

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