Tuesday, February 8, 2011

jumping rope.

Don't you hate jumping rope? It's exhausting. Just a few swings... and then you're tired. Must. Keep. On. Jumping.

Every time I think I'm finally finished with my jumping exercises - there are more hoops to jump through. 

I've told you that I've already spent over 10 hours completing my Missouri teacher application. Check.

Sent letters (not to mention having to re-stuff them). Check.

Some school districts have their own application process that I have to apply to. 1/2 Check.

Then Missouri application wants documents (resume, transcripts, recommendations, certification). Check. I have those.

Missouri wants those docs in PDF form. NO Check.

Stayed at school last night until 6 trying to make files into PDF. Check.

PDF Files too big to upload - erase that last check

Almost punched computer. Check.

Find a way to shrink files thanks to technology-knowledgeable co-workers. Check. (HOORAY)

For one school - made it into a round of 20 applicants from a list of 70. Check! (yay)

Review a book and answer about 10 other essays for another round of applications for above school - WHAT?!!?

Was an English major where I learned how to write essays about books I didn't read. Check.

Now I feel like I have to write about something that is "priceless." It's all costing me sleep, time, & stress. 

Prayer? That is priceless.

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