Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've been taking a break from blogging to hyperventilate. My dad asked me this week if we've started packing. I was like - "NO, are you kidding? It's only February."

I took a long-long look at my calendar yesterday. I usually have an initial freak out moment where all the things that need to be done become a reality. After the initial freak out - I'm fine. My type A personality kicks into high gear. We'll have to find a place to live over spring break: otherwise, we'll be homeless and moving to St. Lou on June 1st or 2nd with nowhere to go. I thought we'd have a larger window of opportunity to move - but Tom has an orientation on June 3rd, and I am not driving a ginormous uhaul to St. Louis. I teach up until May 25th - then I'll have to pack up all my school junk and home junk. We don't want to pay rent for the month of May in Auburn and St. Louis. And even if we are homeless - it will be ok, right

Tom found a community garden site in the area where we want to live. I emailed him yesterday and told him to go ahead and reserve a plot so we can pitch our tent. We can just live out of the uhaul.

Right now it looks like I'll have time to build a house for us, seeing that I'm still jobless. Maybe I can stay in Auburn and send Tom money every month..... no? I didn't think that's a great idea either.

PS. For those of you who were worried - I finally was able to get my fingerprints. I had to drive to another office to get a card that no one told me about. I made it back at 3:20. There was NO WAY I was going back to that place. I had to remind myself to stay calm; I was not in my classroom where I'm a dictator. If these people get upset with me, they could arrest me. I already had the headline written out, "Teacher Goes to Jail for Yelling at Sheriff." I had to whip out my teacher voice one time, but I never yelled at anyone. 

After waiting in the waiting area for about 20 minutes without anyone helping me, I asked a janitor if they were just going to call me or if I needed to talk to someone. He said, "Well it never hurts to ride their coat-tail a little bit. Are you that teacher?"

I'm glad to have established a reputation at the Sheriff's office.

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