Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hair net

I was about to run to the store {not literally run - you know my feelings about running}, but anyway, I was about to run to the store to buy a hair net. After all the job searching and the little response I've gotten, I found a  job posting for a cafeteria worker. Sure the pay won't be much, but at least I'll probably get insurance and benefits.

My point is that I realized that instead of wasting my money and gas on an unwanted hair accessory, what I really need is a good dose of patience. I've never really been good with that quality. I'm kind of a go-getter. Waiting has never been something I've ever done well. Maybe the only thing I've ever diligently waited for was for Tom to propose. Actually, I'm still surprised I didn't propose to him first.

Thank you Doug Savage for this cartoon.

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