Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's only Tuesday. Are you tired? So am I. Happy February by the way! 

The Snuggie that Agnes lies on to chew her bones has become disgusting. We always put this "blanket" out for her because when the bones are wet (with slobber) they leave a white residue on the carpet.
gross, I know

but she loves it

It wasn't until I took a photo of her lying on the blanket that I realized what an eye-sore it was to the living room. I mean - I love pink; I really do. But it just wasn't meshing with our browns/blues/reds we have going on in the living room.

look at that eye-sore

Not only has the Snuggie become an eyesore, but it is stinky and difficult to wash. Because it's fleece, her hair gets stuck in the fibers.

So I've been perusing the fabric section in the Hobbs (Hobby Lobby) and also walmart to see if I can find something that is light and also dark. Her hair is black, but the bone-gunk is whitish. I finally found the perfect fabric last night. Came right home today and sewed this baby. Agnes is one step closer to being a high-class lady.
the big reveal

it works with our colors

I think she likes it.


  1. Well, there goes Agnes's 2009 Christmas gift! :-(

  2. NO - NO! :) This used to be MY snuggie! Her's would be too small to lie on! :) She still has hers - I know she'll need it in St. Lou.


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