Monday, January 10, 2011


We did indeed receive some rain and even a little bit of ice. I was a bit envious when my mom described the 6+ inches of white stuff they received, but I told her that she'll be jealous when we get our snow next year in St. Louis. That made me feel a little better.

It was good to have a day off. I wasn't able to craft all day like I dreamed (but I can tomorrow when we don't have school again!). I did however finally talk to my sweet friend Sara while doing some organizing. Like I told her - "just throw it away" or my favorite phrase that I came up while getting ready to live with a boy, "don't hesitate, donate." 

I was also able to spend 4 more hours completing my teacher application for Missouri. Phew - now someone just needs to hire me. As you might or might not know - St. Louis has just been voted America's most dangerous city. (If you are not one of our moms, you can read about it: here)

 So I cannot decide if I should apply to the 'city' schools, since I've been advised multiple times, "Do NOT apply to the city schools." Can it really be that terrible? Crime was down 7% in 2010. I mean, I don't own a bullet-proof vest - but I'm sure I can buy one with my fun-fund.....
(excuse the large space below - I don't know how else to do it)

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