Saturday, January 8, 2011

stop right there

When we were at Sarah's visitation, I heard one of the little ladies say that when she was 40 her mother told her that time just flies by faster when you're older; I'm not even in my 50s or 60s yet and time seems to be rapidly flying by.

It's funny that sometimes we want time to speedy by us quickly if we are anticipating an event, but then there are other times when I want to close my eyes and hold out my hands to tell time to "STOP RIGHT THERE! I'm not through with this moment."

While Tom and I are both anticipating the move to St. Lou, I'm beginning to enjoy my time here in Auburn. This change of heart has a great deal to do with the community we have with friends from our church, our friends Kathryn and Tyler (I just happened to meet Kathryn on my first day of new teacher training - she had just gotten married like I did, she went to UGA like I did, was teaching at the same school as me, and they would be in Auburn for 2 years like us. I couldn't stop beaming at the opportunity to have friends in Auburn), and the reason I'm enjoying Auburn more is greatly due to the fact that I have the most wonderful students!

They work hard for me! They come in with a hard working attitude! They are sweet lights in my life - not only do they care about learning, but they also care about me. I told Tom this week that I'm half convinced that if I asked them to jump into the fire, I seriously believe that 3/4 of them would jump. I want to work hard for them. I want to be organized and have well-planned lessons for them to enjoy. It's times like these that I wish school was still in the one-school-house format where I can have the same students for the entire year. So many times they have been Jesus to me. They have showed me how to love better. 

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