Saturday, January 29, 2011

PIL #1

When you find a good thing - a thing that works - it actually does what it says on the box it will do - you just have to share. I'll call these PILs: Products I Like. These are just products I like - I don't have an agenda. I'm not secretly being hired by companies to endorse their products - I just like them. If anyone wants to pay me to endorse their products - I'll do it gladly. :) 

I was pretty tired of nail polish that left my nails a little yellow. Nail polish that chips wa-a-ay to easily and doesn't come off easily. I went to a cosmetologist's beauty shop with Lorine (my little sis) and bought some ESSIE nail polish on SALE. Well. I just loved it. Not only was the color great. It hardly chipped. AND it came off so easily - all of it. No residue. I was left with clean, non-yellowed nails. Woohoo! 

I painted some clear (cheap) nail polish on Monday - by Tuesday it was already cracking and coming off! I said, "This is it. It is worth it to take some money out of my FF (fun fund)* to spend a little more moola for some decent nail polish."
*Fun Fund - Money that can be used on anything that isn't a necessity. Tom and I each get a set amount each month. I love the idea of a FF; this has allowed me to spend money on myself and on things I like without feeling guilty about saving. I highly recommend it. Since I sold that camera last week - I had a major boost in my FF. :)

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