Monday, January 24, 2011

paying my dues to the U.S.P.S.

Dear blog friends,

I feel like we've been apart for so long. I've been busy - but haven't accomplished all that much. I guess the whole trying to keep things more organized and clean has been taking up a lot of my time. I've replaced my Marc Jacobs "Daisy" scent with Clorox. My mom would be proud. At least I smell clean. 

Last week I had students stay after school until 4:30 several times - which only brought me home at about 5. I'm trying not to be so lazy this semester.

Two weekends ago I addressed 42 envelopes to middle school principals in St. Louis. By Friday I finally had all of my letters printed: cover letter, resume, philosophy of education. I came home quickly on Friday afternoon to stuff the addressed envelopes, so that I could mail the letters on Saturday. 

My thoughts were that I didn't want the letters to arrive on a Monday (because as you know Mondays are always a little crazy) - the ideal day for principals to receive these said letters would be Tuesday or Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday everyone is way too ready for the weekend - so then my letter will get tossed in a pile and will never get looked at - and I friends - will be without a job.

So - I stuffed and I folded. My thumb and index finger were sore from all this secretarial activity that I am not used to. I had one more letter to stuff when I realized I'd run out of resumes. So I go to print it - and I find an ERROR! It said that I was still student teaching when in reality, I'm in my second year of teaching since grad school. UGH! It's an error too big to ignore. It could cost me a j-o-b.  Luckily, I never licked any of those envelopes (I was hoping that Tom would do it for me. 42 letters - that's too many).

Well - Saturday I woke up, went to RE-print all of my resumes, DE-stuffed my envelopes, RE-folded and then RE-stuffed all of them. 

Then came the question of the morning - do I use my colorful-polka-dotted return address labels or do I handwrite my address 42 times? Will this label be the deciding factor? After much agony I finally decided to do the time-saving thing: use the labels. I decided that if a principal judges me because I used a colorful address label - I wouldn't really want to work for them anyway.

As you can see, I was very supportive of the USPS this weekend. Along with these letters that will hopefully lead me to a job - I also mailed out my first ever craft fest invitations to friends near and far. 

If you think about it this week, please pray that my letters will be read and that someone would take an interest.

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