Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it snowed in Auburn after all!

The only reason I sincerely wanted Auburn to win the National Championship last night is because Tom and I have never gone to Toomers after a game - this was the last opportunity for a roll before we leave for St. Lou. You Auburnians would be proud: I shook a pom-pom and even wore a bit of orange and blue for the occasion.

We headed to the Whatleys' place for dinner and game watching. For the festivities we were joined by the Nordykes and Elmers.

Elizabeth was prepared for the win - just in case you know. 

Here is a live stream of Toomers - currently and also of last night. It was not a place to bring babies, that's for sure. There might even be a rumor that the White House was rolled because the Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, is from Auburn. 

Be sure not to get any tp on your shoe on your way home.

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  1. love it. Wish we had found yall at Toomers; Finally rolled the tree!


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