Monday, January 17, 2011

I can get used to this...

It wouldn't be too difficult to get used to 3 day weekends! It has been fabulous.

First I packaged my camera because I sold it! Can you believe it! Here today - gone tomorrow! Unbelievable. (Thank you Anna!)

We helped some friends move yesterday, and it has put the "get rid of it" bug in me (hence the selling of the camera that I hadn't used in over 3 years). I've thrown out plenty of things today, as I spent a great deal of time cleaning and organizing our storage room - aka garage... and made space for my new tea cups! I bought them before I got the "let's just sell this in the yard sale" bug. Also - my new motto is, "Can I wait until St. Louis to buy this" because moving ALL of our stuff to The Lou seems a bit daunting at this point.
Back to the tea cups -they're so beautiful - these orange ones and the purple ones too. Soon you should come over for a cup of tea!

I started writing letters to the 40 different middle schools in St. Lou while watching The Blind Side - I love it every time I see it.

Agnes also benefited from having her mother home. There are probably about 200 little doggie biscuits ready to be chowed down. I'll have to give you the recipe sometime. It's super easy.  Sometimes I eat some of these treats as well - they're just sugar free cookies. 

Did you do anything fun on your day off?

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