Thursday, December 30, 2010

a year in review

January - Tom's parents came to Greenville to celebrate the new year with my family.
February - The only reason I teach is because of snow days! (Just Kidding)
March - Tom & I took our first vacation. We were freezing and only stayed on the beach for about an hour.
April - We started our first ever garden. Here Tom is planting okra - one of our best "crops" of the season.
May - We celebrated the marital union of Tom's brother, Hank and his bride, Kimberly.

June - We celebrated our first anniversary. As someone said, "families that drink together stay together."
July - This was a busy month. Tom made blackberry jelly and applied to seminary while I started crafting. I made that flower thingy and made a linen cabinet with my dad's help.
August - For some reason this was the only photo I had for August. This cupcake was given to me by our Auburn friends, Kathryn & Tyler. August is a crazy month because I'm starting to teach again and RUF students move back to town - so Tom and I never see each other.
September - Lorine got engaged this past September! She's getting hitched in May.
October - We had our 2nd Annual pumpkin carving with the McCrarys.

November - Tom and I became an auntie and uncle. Nadine  & Justin are the proud parents of this little gift from God. November is also the start of fire season for us.
December - A Merry Christmas. This was going to be our Christmas card - but Tom said it wasn't proper.

Can you believe this year is almost over? This new year: 20-11 is going to be a big one with a big move to St. Lou. I am excited to see what else the Lord will do this new year.


  1. That Christmas card picture would have been awesome! But I did really love your card that you sent! Happy New Year

  2. I love your blog! Happy New year!

  3. Thank you for reading my blog Ms. Maddox!


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