Tuesday, December 21, 2010

winter solstice

I love this day for many reasons:

  1. Today is the winter solstice! Because of the light, it is technically the "shortest" day. Surely the hours don't change, but the daylight is the shortest it will be all day. This is a good day because it means that slowly it won't get dark at 4:15 here in Auburn anymore.
  2. Today marks the beginning of our travels to see our families for Christmas!
  3. Two years ago, Tom proposed on this day. I cannot believe it's already been that long ago. On this day two years ago I knew that some would propose "sometime soon." But I didn't know that it would happen on this day. At a later date I'll tell you the story - I need to go hang out with my family. Merry Christmas season!

Proposal Point

The ring was buried in this heart shaped picnic basket that Tom's mom just knew would play a role in one of her boys' proposals.

Right after I said "I do."


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