Saturday, December 4, 2010

unwanted qualities

Do you ever think of the qualities you have (or don't have)? I  certainly do. Some good and a lot of "bad in need of change" ones. For example - it would make my life easier (and others' as well) if I could just learn, I mean actually learn, how to put things away. I've struggled with this for pretty much my whole life. Ask my family. Friends. Roommates - they will definitely vouch for this. I even had a roommate once who would close my bedroom door because the mess just "stressed" her out. To that I wanted to respond, "Then come help me - clean my room for me, and we'll both be de-stressed," I mean un-stressed.

I'm always cleaning my room, putting stuff away, undoing the mess I so easily created. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff too. Because over and over again - the second I throw something away - I need it. That's not just a saying - that's truth.

I have some big plans today to be super productive. There are many Christmas gifts that need making. Along with making some goodies, I'll probably spend a great deal of time cleaning and putting things away as well. And then when I get out all of my supplies to make gifts,  I'll spend the evening cleaning up my mess again. 

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  1. Let's talk about some qualities of yours that I want! ;) there are just sooo many, miss crafty craft, frequent blogger, morning person, gardener, pancake maker, deal finder...I just looove you and ALL your qualities. :) xox


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