Tuesday, December 7, 2010

keeping it real

So many times - since I've entered this blog world  and my fascination grows with everyone's perfect little blog world -  I've thought a lot about how so few people blog about the nitty gritty of their lives. The dirty stuff going on - or the things that just aren't that "upbeat."

While I took Agnes on a walk today (in the freezing cold mind you) I thought about how it's kind of like that scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when the chief editor is handing out story ideas. The dialogue goes like this when she is asked what she's writing about,"

Well, the "Botox for Beginners" piece is done. Now, it's a little scary, but mostly upbeat. Now I'm on "What Your Gyno Won't Tell You," which is also pretty scary,but, you know, upbeat. I finished my research on deadly pedicures, about the woman who contracted that fungus from the unsterilized tools. It's a terrible story. Although, surprisingly... upbeat!"
Blogs tend to glamorize life - even I do it. Although I usually tend to write about all the good things; it's really helped me focus on all the blessings I have instead of groaning about what I lack or want.

So - in honor of this post - here are some of the not so glamorous things about life right now:
  • While Agnes appears to be the perfect dog - she has anal gland issues (stanky!) and sometimes if we play with her for a long time, and then she drinks water - she'll just tinkle right on herself. She doesn't even wake up. (gross). She also slobbers a great deal.
  • As much as I love teaching - it's really hard to teach the same thing 5 times in a row. Today I read about 150 pages out loud. Now I'm exhausted and don't want to talk to anyone.
  • We don't even have a tenth of the money we'll need for seminary. Talk about some stress.
  • I've just been told that the teaching job market in St. Lou is pretty grim. More stress.
  • I'm going gray - fast - because of all this stress.
  • We have a dear friend who is fighting some nasty cancer - he's only 25.
  • We live in a cave - well - not a Neanderthal type of cave. But even at optimum lightness during the day, we have to turn on some type of light.
  • The paperwork I have to fill out for my certification and teaching is ridiculous.
That's about it for my keeping it real post - I'll keep you updated.

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