Tuesday, December 14, 2010

just 40 minutes short

Today I was just 40 minutes short of staying at school for a total of twelve hours; that's half a day. I probably don't even get paid for 1/2 that time...anyways...

I knew that I needed to stay and get all of that grading finished. It's still a mystery to me and my students what they are doing for the next three days, but you can rest assure that it won't involve anything that needs to be graded. That lesson was learned last year when I embarked on my Christmas vacation with 100 essays to grade.YUCK!

I cannot wait until this weekend when I can tell you about my new "embellishment center." Never in my mind would I have called my new "thing" an "embellishment center" - but that is indeed what it is called. Stay tuned - more to come when this crazy week is over.

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