Thursday, December 2, 2010

finish one thing before you start another

I've really been itching to make some Christmas stockings, especially since we finished decorating our tree yesterday. I cut out the patten (which was only 99 cents) and looked for some spirited fabric. I even thread my machine with the needed red thread. As I sat down, I remembered that there was once a shirt that I started and never finished!

A conversation rushed into my head that I had with my friend, Polly, and I remember her telling me about a friend she has who never seems to finish projects. I also remember telling Polly that I didn't want to be like that - you know - always starting something new and never finishing anything.

So, I put the stockings momentarily on hold and found that unfinished top/tunic-y thing. I finished it and am planning to wear it to school today.

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