Wednesday, November 3, 2010

did you know

The couples Bible study that Tom & I attend on Friday nights has been full of insightful information. For the most part, we've been talking about marriage and the very different roles that husbands and wives have in Christian marriages. Being in this Bible study has by far been one of the highlights of being in Auburn. We have thoroughly enjoyed the company of all members, both new and old (we've had some additions this semester). 

Side note: Did you know that I think of my year ranging from August to May. A calendar following the standard January - December is not quite of use to me. The school year begins in August - hence the beginning. And schools generally close in May - hence the conclusion of the year. The months of June and July are just a haze.

But anyways. So in this Bible study - learning new things. New things that include useful life tips. Like - did you know that at the very end of your foil roll there are these little triangular perforated things that you can push in that will actually hold your foil roll in place? I didn't know this either until a few weeks ago.

Go ahead and try it. You'll be glad not to have rolls of silver metal all over your kitchen floor.

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