Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend happenings

I came home from school on Friday with a "I can make things" attitude. I jumped right into a 'project' I've been thinking about doing for about 3 months now (that's kind of how it goes). I don't think I suffer from ADD; I think I just have a severe case of the "oh, I want to do thats" and can never settle on a project or stick to one long enough to finish it.  Later on I'll give you an example of my mental spider-webbing, but for now, here is checker board I completed on Friday:

I took a tv tray that I found in someone's trash on our street a couple months ago:
I measured out the square and sanded the inside.
Then I painted every other square with a dark blue:
And filled in the rest with a yellow. I put some polyurethane on top to seal the deal.

Here's a picture of my crafting outfit that Tom took - notice the shoes (I was trying to stretch them out).

That's not all I did though:
  1. I figured out how to make my own piping for pillows and even attempted a tooth fairy pillow. It's too ghetto even for the blog.
  2. Tom and I had dinner with our sweet friends the McDonalds (Happy Birthday Polly!)
  3. Worked on a dress I started in July (hopefully I'll finish it this week and can show you).
  4. Organized my crafting area.
  5. Organized all of my patterns (which were all just thrown in a wal-mart bag)
  6. bought a sewing book to work on my skills! (and I love it)
  7. Tom and I went shopping Saturday morning, and while I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby - I felt like I'd spent enough money already. Tom convinced me to go for whatever reason, and boy am I glad he did! Usually sewing patterns are anywhere from $10-$18 each. They were on sale at HL for 99 cents each! I bought 6! I cannot wait to make some new things!
  8. On Saturday night we drove 2 hours to Albany, Georgia for an engagement party. After the party we turned right back around and came home.
  9. I baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and cream cheese brownies for my students as rewards for their GREAT behavior!(That's 100 baked goods, but I don't mind because they are sweeties). 
I'm going to post about those chocolate chip muffins later on in the week when I make some more. They are my favorite fall treat! (When I was student teaching, I'd eat about 4 for breakfast, 5 for lunch, 4 for dinner). Unfortunately Tom won't let me consume that much sugar anymore. :(

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  1. That checker board looks great! And you do too finish projects, lady! I cannot tell you even one craft project I have completed start to finish in the last five years. Keep it up!


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