Sunday, October 31, 2010

the syrup was not sopped

Despite how tired we both were, I was able to convince Tom to wake up at 6:30 on Saturday morning to attend the annual Syrup Sop in Loachapoka. Now Poka, as the locals call it, is only about ten minutes away from  Auburn. We arrived at about 7:15 before the traffic started. Poka has a population of only about 135, but on syrup sopping day, about 20,000 people flock to the town. 

I cannot lie. I was a bit dissapointed. When I first heard of this syrup sop, I thought that we'd buy freshly homemade biscuits from little old grannies and maybe there would be a whole other set of grannies turning sap into syrup in large pots that look like this: 

This was not the case. The biscuits came from Hardees, so Tom and I decided not to get syrup or biscuits. 

This precious girl, who was holding on for her dear life, was riding a horse that was working a machine that cracked open the sugar cane for the syrup that we never sopped.

Here's a picture of us in the early morn. 

  Tom was envious of these singing-storytelling men. He dreams of being a member of one of these fine ensembles one day; maybe he needs some gray hair first. We considered buying a Jordan River Boys CD...

but came home with a flying pig instead. It now lives on one of the shelves in our living room. I've grown quite fond of it. Not that I didn't love it at first. Afterall, Tom did let me pick something out. But the pig - he's precious. You'll have to come and see him sometime soon.

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