Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my hubs turned 26 yesterday!

Happy Birthday Tom! 

You are a great husband/friend for many reasons. Here are a few:
  1. You'll cook for me (quite often)
  2. You bring my lunch to school sometimes and items I forgot at home (sometimes you even make my lunch!)
  3. You put up with my cranky moods
  4. You'll go to the store for me
  5. You play with Agnes without being asked to
  6. You are kind to my family
  7. You love pumpkin scented candles
  8. You aren't greedy
  9. You can relate to people (even in the awkwardest situations)
  10. You're a manly man (this made me think of mandles)
  11. and because you will offer to do the dishes so I can grade
I love you! Happy 26th year!


  1. Happy Birthday Tom!! Sweet post Chane!

  2. Wow! I only checked this today (proving my wife's generosity in calling me a good husband), but what a sweet post. Thanks darling.


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