Friday, October 1, 2010

middle school funnies

Middle School Funnies: Band-aids are used for many things, right? Cuts, blisters, warts, sores... you know, the obvious things. Well, today one of my little loves had a band-aid on his chin. I asked him if he fell off his bike, he said, "No." I asked if he cut himself shaving, again he replied, "No. And then I thought, it's a pimple! - he's covering up a pimple! I said, "oooh, I think I know...." He said, "Yeah..... don't tell anyone."  

Another funny: I found out yesterday that 2 of the girls who are running cross country (and who obviously HATE it) - are running because they tried to run away from home over the summer. Their mom thought it would be an appropriate punishment seeing that they wanted to run away.

Today is Friday! :) Yay for the weekend. (Please come quick, will ya?)

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