Saturday, October 23, 2010

false information

Today, this very morning, was my last cross country meet for the season! Can you believe it?! First of all I'd like to thank Tom Hart (my dear hubs) for putting up with me for these last few months (it's been kind of rough over here). Secondly, I'd like to thank the Auburn School system for paying me to do this.

I'd like to address that thing. You know, the one where people always say that exercise gives you more energy. I am here to clarify that this is false information. Exercise does NOT give you more energy. It makes you feel totally pooped and worn out. I stopped running about 2 weeks ago because I never had energy left to do anything, and I felt an instant surge in my abilities to do stuff when I came home. :) In fact, one of my best XC memories this season is when the kids were on a 4 mile run, and I followed them around in my car. You know, just in case "someone gets hurt."

I'm excited to have a normal job from 7-4 instead of 7-5:30, with a little a lot of grading and planning at night. Oh the crafts I can make now. Stay tuned for some upcoming sewing projects. 

Also, my sister Nadine is due this week! :) I cannot wait to see my nephew. Please pray that she'll have a safe delivery.

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