Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the defeat of the foot...

When I embarked on my latest sewing expedition, I was aware that the zipper would be my greatest obstacle. The only time I've ever put a zipper in anything was when I had my mom to fix my errors, or better yet - just do it for me.

On purpose, I have only been buying patterns that don't require a zipper. Well... I've had this corduroy fabric since high school... so... it's probably about 8 years old or so.... I bought it then to make a skirt, and a skirt still seemed like the perfect thing to make with the fabric. {I have a really hard time looking at fabric and thinking - yes - this would make a great top, skirt, dress, pj pants, no.... top!}

Well. The sewing began and I didn't have any trouble with the zipper. In fact - I am pleased with the result! But then, when I was finishing my skirt and needed to put the button hole...I had some issues. 

I looked through the manual and was able to figure out which foot to use (I've only made button holes on my mom's sewing machine - I've been using my machine my parents bought me when I graduated from college). So - I chose my button and aligned my fabric... and well... let's just say I've been defeated by the button hole foot. 
{I mean.... look at that mess!}

But as always, when I run into an obstacle, I find a way around the problem. So I found some clasps and will use that for the time being. 

I wore my skirt to school today and walked around proudly with my new wardrobe addition.

*PS - this post is dedicated to Polly - because I CAN finish sewing projects, and I vouch not to start something new without finishing the "old." :)

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