Sunday, September 26, 2010

September showers don't bring the rain....

I came home to celebrate Nadine's baby shower this weekend. She's due October 27th, so we are just a month away from the arrival of my first nephew: Andrew Bauer Gammon.

Here is some eye-candy from the shower:

Nadine and Andrew
Little cake squares

Local artists decorated some onesies for Andrew:

A shot from the stairs of the gifting festivities:

For one of the games, Nadine had to guess what type of chocolate was in the diaper. She passed all the tests:

Nadine's mother-in-law, Tina, is surely excited about the baby.

Andrew is going to feel like he's a jungle baby:

Nadine opening some of her gifts:

This was my favorite onesie for baby Andrew:

Nadine and two of her college friends: Ashley & Carly

The sisters - we didn't even plan to all wear shades of purple... but I guess that's genetic...

Amando and Weenie

Me & Amando

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