Saturday, September 11, 2010

no laboring on labor day

This really was written LAST week - but this week has been nuts. Monday we got back from our mini-vacation, Tuesday I had a XC meet until pretty late (girls came in 1st, the boys 2nd!), Wednesday after practice we had our parent/teacher night at school, Thursday after practice (and school) we went over to the RUF campus minister's house to watch the first part of the Auburn game, and yesterday we met with our small group....... so - here it finally is:

When I darted out of the school on Friday afternoon I promised myself to go back sometime over the weekend to finish all the grading that I hadn't even attempted to start. Well - that didn't happen. After hearing about all the cool places my students were going for the long break, I was a little depressed that we were just staying in Auburn. Friday and Saturday were both good nights of rest for me (like - I think I slept for over 20 hours!). Sunday morning was a bit busier since it was the first Sunday in our church's new building.

Tom and I had entertained the thought of going camping, and the thought became a reality when our friends, Edward and Elizabeth decided to go with us. I must also mention that they have a German Short-Hair, Boone, who is one of Agnes's many suitors. Agnes is still tired.

We left around 4 on Sunday afternoon and drove to Thomaston, GA to set up our site just as it was getting dark. We played in the creek/river, ate wild muscadines, made s'mores, drank some cocktails, grilled delicious steaks, caught fish, made some luke-warm coffee, Tom got some a lot of chigger bites. On our way back we stopped at a peach stand to buy some fresh peaches (peaches and ice cream here we come), and we bought some fresh home-made peach ice cream. Which was delicious. Below are some pics from our trip:
All our gear loaded up for camping. We did not travel light.

Edward and Elizabeth - our camping companions.
Here I'm making the fire. And the 2nd picture is of our "coffee maker" and leftover chocolate from s'mores.

Boone sniffing something.

Here Edward is climbing a tree to find muscadines.

 And here's Tom and Edward showing off the brim they caught. :)
Here's Agnes - she's always trying to be a part of the action.

And here is what happened to the brim.

Today was our 2nd cross country meet - it was hot - and we did our best.... :) Our schedule is nuts. I think I've seen Tom for a total of 5 minutes today. He had Freshman Bible study while I had a meet. I would have been home an hour earlier, but I had to wait for a runner's mom to show up.....(errrrr). Then I came home and some of his Bible study people (the 2nd Bible study of the day) were already walking in. Then when he's finished with the Bible study, he'll have to go to another RUF meeting. NUTS. I feel like the entire week last week was craziness like this. After practice tomorrow night we'll have our parent night at school. Phew..... is it the weekend already?

My students are still really good, and I enjoy being around them every day! Such a blessing! I'm just pooped.

Other family news: my little sister Lorine and her boyfriend got engaged over the weekend! Woop! Woop! :)

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