Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Mrs. Hart, I have a crisis!"

After I left XC practice on Monday (which is at the local high school), I thought about how great it was to be in high school. It's not that I particularly liked high school - because I really didn't at all - but it was a time where your biggest worry is what kind of shoes you're going to wear, or if you studied enough for the French test, or who you'll sit with at the basketball or football game. I guess my mind was actually occupied with what election I could win... but you get the drift.

I thought it was funny that the very next morning, one of my sweet students ran up to me in a panic and said, "Mrs. Hart! I have a crisis!"

I replied, "What is it? What can I do?"

She frantically explained, "I forgot my flute at home! What do I do?"

Being the wise one that I am sometimes, I said, "Go call your mom, maybe she can bring it."

Here I am thinking someone's bleeding somewhere - and we only have a forgotten flute.

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