Sunday, August 22, 2010

A sweet Birthday

It was a sweet day to have my parents drive in to celebrate my birthday yesterday! :) We had lunch with them at Big Blue and shopped around Auburn a bit (including a trip to Angel's Antiques of course). After some snacks we went to Ware House Bistro for a very tasty birthday dinner. On our way home we were almost hit by another car who was trying to turn while we were still going straight - thank goodness Tom was paying attention - otherwise we might have spent the night in the ER! It's so scary how quickly accidents can happen.

Despite our near death experience, I had a great birthday! I got a watch from my parents, some fancy earrings, gift cards to my favorite stores, and Tom surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band, The Weepies in November! :) I cannot wait to go. He also bought me the cd, which comes out in about a week! To say the least- I was really spoiled. And how great it was to have a birthday on a weekend for a change (and to have my parents here). :) Thank you to the hubs, parental units, siblings, and family for making it a great day!

My sweet friend, Kathryn, also brought me a cupcake from a new cupcake place here in ol' Auburn. :) (thank you Kathy!)
The school week was busy but good (I've been running with the XC kids - shocker - I know). For now the students have been really great and well behaved. I am really enjoying them. XC has been really busy; it wouldn't be that bad if I were able to keep my eyes open past 9 p.m. My body just shuts down. I've been trying to be at school by 7 each morning, so I'll have time to get things ready for the 5 classes I teach. I miss having the afternoons to get all of my stuff together.

Tom has also been super busy. Auburn students started back this past week, and Tom's had some event to attend almost every night. RUF had its annual Bluegrass and BBQ even on Friday night, an event which usually gathers about 150 people; however, there must have been over 300 students on Friday!

And my other Tom / family news: Tom found out that he is indeed accepted to Covenant on Tuesday - so we're going to St. Lou for real. :) We're both excited about going but are also trying to enjoy our last year here in Auburn.

I also don't think I ever posted a picture of my painted cabinet - it's still not really done because I haven't had time to think about it since school started - but this is pretty much the finished cabinet:
Funny student saying of the week: My students made character masks last week. One side was supposed to represent how they want people to see them on the outside or what they are like on the outside; then the other side of the mask was to represent all of their internal qualities and secrets. When I explained the project to the class, most students got to work right away. A sweet boy came up to my desk afterwards and told me that he didn't really understand what I was asking. So I asked, "Well, what are you like on the inside?" He said, "Well I don't know - I've never cut myself open." :) I said, "Please don't ever do that."

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  1. Chane, happy birthday!! I'm glad it was so wonderful! We're super pumped about St Louis for y'all! It's going to be an awesome experience for you both. I love your cabinet. You and your dad did a great job! I love the baskets too! have a good week at school!


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