Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ready to run a little and rest a lot

I can officially run 2 miles without stopping (woohoo). This is the first time since Sunday that I've had any time to sit down and think. It's been nonstop. Last night I finished the last of my required coaching courses; if you have any questions about CPR, coaching etiquette, concussions, sportsmanship, or national high school sports Red Cross info - just ask. I know it all now.

Tom and Agnes joined us for practice today. It was nice to have someone over the age of 14 to run with for a change. We have a meet tomorrow, so it will be another late night. I am counting down the hours until Friday afternoon, even though this week is creeping by like a 2 legged turtle. Tom and I were saying the word "tired" so much that we've tried to (unsuccessfully) ban it.

Weekend - where are you??

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