Sunday, August 15, 2010

phew.... 1 week down

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School is in full swing all of a sudden. Most of my students are "Angel Babies," to quote another teacher. They have been really sweet, and not to mention that only 2 out of 97 did not turn in their homework last Thursday. Dare I say that is a miracle. Last year there were days when I'd have more than 50 kids who did not complete their homework. 

Despite staying at school from 7:15 to after 5 each day, I still managed to go running 3 times to prepare for tomorrow's first day of XC practice! I am excited about it - it's a good group of kids - however it's been HOT! I don't know how I'll do it, but I'll do it. Tom gave me a red Nalgene last week as an early birthday present. No worries, it is BHP free. :)

We drove to Atlanta for a wedding last night. It was a frat-brother reunion to say the least; it was really good to catch up with some of our friends. We decided to drive back to Auburn right after the wedding, which was in Roswell. We knew that there was a Krispy Kreme somewhere in the area and decided to stop to get a doughnut before heading home. When we went through the line they didn't have any glazed or sprinkled doughnuts- they only had the cream and raspberry filled (ew). I think she heard the pain in our voices as we were astounded by their lack of normal doughnuts; let's be honest, it was 11 p.m. Maybe they were trying to get rid of us. Perhaps they had some doughnuts coming off the conveyor belt to ship to gas stations, and the lady helping us through the intercom on the drive-though said, "Oh wait, we do have 1 glazed." Then we were still trying to decide, and she said again, "Oh, we have 1 more sprinkle." So we decided to purchase the 1 glazed, 1 sprinkled d, and Tom got a chocolate cream filled. When we drove up the the window, she said, "Don't worry about paying, it's on us." Already the Lord is providing.

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