Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a mere 9ish hours left

Summer is over. How did this happen? This was one of the "funnest" summers. (I know funnest isn't a word - but there's a rule that says if you're an English teacher you can make up words and use words incorrectly). Last summer we were settling into our new lifestyle of being married, in a new town (for me), and also had no idea what to expect for the school-year ahead. And the summer before - I had just a week in-between teaching at Wesleyan and going to grad school at Clemson. Not to mention, this is the first summer in 7 years that I have not moved! I've felt a little antsy, feeling like I should put some things in a box or something...

I finally painted some shelves though - well, they were actually drawers nailed together by Tom - but we're using them as shelves. (I'll post pictures later).

Then when Lorine came to visit, she sweetly agreed to bring my desk from college. It's one that my dad and I made a few years ago. I'll post a picture later - the room is a wreck as I'm in the middle of trying to make a dress without a real pattern.... which equals frustrations... more on that later.

I spent the week with my family this past week while Tom was at RUF training. I was severely spoiled and had a great time with my family.

And then there's the new linen/medicine cabinet I made with my dad this past week. I love it! Here are some photos of our woodworking skills - I haven't painted it yet - but just went to the local Wal-Mart to buy some paint. I love the Wal-Mart - they meet all of my needs. BUT - today it was a mess. Every redneck and their cousin was there. I was a woman on a mission.... and got a bit grumpy while standing in line for FOREVER.

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