Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Girl is growing up.

I love finding new songs. Especially older ones. Take a listen to this ditty:

I heard the song on an SNL repeat show last night - the new version is performed by Michael Buble and Sharon Jones, but the original song is performed by Dinah Washington and Brook Benton. I love Dinah Washington's sound and have a few songs that she sings - from what I've found the song is really by Brook Benton (who I'm not so familiar with).

Little Girl (one of the nicknames we've given Agnes) is growing up. Every night for the past year and 2 months, Agnes will follow us upstairs and will lie down on her pillow on my side of the bedroom. It's fluffy, spacious enough for her.
I was already in our bedroom last night, and Agnes followed Tom upstairs. Instead of walking to her bed in our bedroom, she walked into our guest bedroom and climbed on the recliner. Tom and I both thought that by morning she would be in our room again. But no. She stayed in "her" room last night. Not until she heard me walking around this morning did she sneak her head into our room. I guess she's a teenager now. Little Girl is growing up.

Here is a picture of Tom applying for seminary. I thought it was worthy of a Kodak Moment, or rather Canon PowerShot Moment.

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