Friday, July 9, 2010

let the man cook

Reading blogs has become one of my favorite activities - especially creative/craft blogs. I feel like my brain kind of goes out of control with ideas that flood my head. It's like I want to make everything, and I usually end up making nothing. I've been at school for the past 4 days working on our curriculum for the upcoming school year, and it's sad to think that in less than a month I won't have time to blog, read blogs, or make things worth blogging about.

And -- have I mentioned that I'm coaching cross country? What? I don't even like running!?! I've allowed the idea to stew for about a month before making a decision - and I think it will be a great opportunity to work out, maybe relieve some stress, see some of the good kids I taught last year, and not to mention a little extra moola in our pockets. I'm sure that will be it's own adventure.

This week I've mainly been occupied with grammar and literature and writing - but we also made some delicious blackberry jelly, and Tom used some of our home-grown tomatoes to make the tomato pie I mentioned earlier. I don't know if I've mentioned it before --- Tom loves to cook. He does most of the cooking - I'm woman enough to admit it now. But what kind of wife would I be to stand in the way of the joy he gets from making me dinner? I say: let the man cook. It's a huge blessing as I don't have to worry about cooking most nights after school. I think I got a good hubs.

I meant to photograph the whole jelly-making process - but when I walked into our place on Wednesday after school Tom greeted me with a measuring cup to pour the jelly-juice into the jars - so alas, there was no time to photograph the entire experience.

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