Monday, June 21, 2010

magnets, crafts, and DIY

On Friday some RUF girls came over and we attempted to make magnets - the inspiration came from the link about what I want to make  on my blog (does that make any sense?)

Here are some of my magnets.

I also decorated some envelopes with an idea I found in a magazine about a year ago - sometimes it takes me a while to actually make things.

And - I've started my first DIY project. When Agnes was a little pup - we left her outside one day because we were going somewhere. Well, she was able to walk around on our deck - and little did we know that she'd want to be inside so bad that she'd start chewing through the wall, on both sides. In her defense - the quality particle board siding was already - and is still - rotting. 

This pic is only because she was such a cute pup.

So here's a picture of the task that lies before me:

DIY: Step 1 - Assess the Situation

DIY: Step 2 - Go to Home Depot for supplies
(we only spent 20 bucks - woohoo)
1. board to patch up the outside
2. wood filler
3. foam insulation

other things I'm using that I already have:
  • box cutter
  • dremel tool
  • nails
  • hammer
  • wood glue
  • goggles
DIY: Step 3 - Cut out square hole for replacements

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