Saturday, June 12, 2010

from puppies to St. Louis

I haven't been to the studio in a while, but here are some of my best pieces (I say pieces like I have a collection or something - in reality, I've only made 5 things worth keeping).

If you've ever been to Auburn you'd know that there isn't a whole lot going on here. I realize that some of you may frown upon this - but I painted Agnes's toes and they looked adorable! Nothing like a mother-daughter spa day.

Here is Tom displaying our very first produce from our farm!

Tom and I went out to eat for an anniversary dinner before we headed to the real farm.

I mentioned before that Pearl (Agnes's mama) had 8 little pups. When we went to the real farm for an Anniversary Pic-Nic with our parental units, we were able to play with the little pups, who were only 3 weeks old. They were oh so cute.

Our pup and her brother, Juice-man.

Henry, Tom's dad, said, "Families that drink together, stay together."

After our anniversary picnic we drove back to Auburn to pack and prepare for our journey to St. Louis to visit Covenant Seminary. It took us about 10 and a half hours to drive up there - and were fortunate not to run into traffic - for which we were thankful.

The farmland in Kentucky was so beautiful.

When we drove into Illinois we kept on seeing signs that said there was a 60 minute delay driving into St. Louis. So we looked at our GPS (thanks mom and dad) and found a detour going through the middle of nowhere Illinois, well, Chester, Illinois to be exact. Which, for those who don't know, is the home of Elzie Crisler Segar, the creator of Popeye. What we found in Illinois is miles upon miles of wheat and corn fields, and we also found that EVERY lawn was perfectly mowed. The grass seemed to have been recently mowed or was in the process of being mowed. We must have passed at least 40 people out mowing their grass at 5 pm on Monday evening. These people have class.

We arrived in St. Louis and enjoyed pizza. We stayed at Covenant; while Tom sat in on some classes, I met a friend from Georgia (who now lives in St. Lou) for coffee. We met with current students for lunch and were able to ask them questions about seminary classes and environment. We met some of Tom's RUF intern friends for dinner and drinks in the city; many of his friends have just started Greek classes at Covenant - they were already stressed out even though they'd only been to one class. We also drove around the city and drove by the Arch while downtown.
On Thursday we met up with our good friends, Eric and Emily Remington. They live in Jackson, Mississippi, but Emily is from St. Lou and we were able to overlap our visit to the city so we could see each other. We went to the history museum at Forest Park and the Anheuser-Bush Brewery, where we enjoyed 2 free glasses of beer.

One of the perks of St. Lou definitely is that there are so many FREE things to do there! We were also pleasantly surprised by the low cost of living in the city. In a few weeks we're going to visit RTS Charlotte (Reformed Theological Seminary) - and then hopefully we'll be able to decide where we'll be after one more year in Auburn. My friend Brittany, who attends Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, threw a stone in the road by telling us about a free tuition scholarship Westminster offers to RUF interns. Who knows. With the offer of a free ride - it's probably worth making a trip up north to check it out. Charlotte is closer to both our families (who we love a lot). Westminster is 9 hours and 56 minutes from my parents, and Covenant is 9 hours and 52 minutes - so there isn't much of a difference in distance there. Covenant is 1/2 off tuition and RTS and Westminster would be FREE (cha-ching). But we really liked Covenant.

While driving back from St. Louis, we drove through Metropolis, Illinois for a lunch break. We kept on seeing signs for a statue of Superman and decided to drive through the town to find this statue. As we drove down Main Street, workers were hanging the sign in the middle of the street. We followed the signs for the statue and found an entire town jubilee happening. We didn't stay, but I was able to run out and take a picture of this popular statue.
My favorite part is that there is an inscription at the bottom of the superman statue that says, "Trust-Justice-The American Way." The state park was right around the corner, so we ate our KFC at one of the picnic tables. When we stopped for gas, we realized that we hit the mother-load at the gas station when we saw someone dressed up as Dash (maybe? We couldn't identify the costume). We also found the Superman and Wonder Woman cutouts. :) As Tom said, "We did Metropolis right."

The drive home from a long road trip always seems to take much longer than the drive to the destination. We thought we'd never get home, but we finally arrived in good ol' Auburn at 9:30 last night.


  1. So good to hear ya'll enjoyed Covenant in St. Lou. Please keep us posted on your trips and seminary decisions. Hope yall are doing well. If you can fit in a trip to Huntsville, we would love the visit!

  2. glad ya'll are back! hope to see you soon

  3. i am so happy that i've found this gem of a blog. i mean-we haven't talked in a year(ish). And I'm sure your life has been just as crazy as mine. But now I feel like I get to catch up!!

    ps I miss you verily. And I'm wondering if that year(ish) thing is something we should let stand or if we should talk soon. I'm thinking the latter.

    love you

  4. I am so fortunate to have a "piece" from your pottery collection. I was just thinking about it the other day when I had no where to put my jewelry over here in Asia. I miss it! (and you.)


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