Thursday, June 3, 2010

enough with the dogs already....

I know what you're all thinking, enough with the dogs already. Don't you have anything else going on? No, no we don't. We live in Auburn, A -la-ba-ma. There isn't much going on. But if you must know - here are a few of the going-ons.

1. My ipod doesn't work unless it's plugged into a power source. This has been a terrible electronic year for us. My GPS and Tom's ipod were stolen over Christmas break. Tom's computer will randomly go to this blue screen with words we don't understand. He's had it checked out many times - but still the problem persists. And now my computer (a laptop)also seems to need a constant energy source.

2. You should also know that we have about 24 budding tomatoes! None of which are red yet - but we are oh so ready for our first produce. I must mention that we attempted to be "organic," but we had little bugs and alas had to decide between going organic or having anything to eat. A little sevin dust it is.

3. When the summer began, Tom and I thought we would have many days to lounge around and gaze into each others' eyes. But when we sat down yesterday to plug our activities into an actual calendar, we realized that we're going to do a lot of traveling. Tom has already been to Sapelo Island for a bachelor party, while I went to Anderson with friends and family. We're going to the real farm this weekend for a Jacobs-Hart parents weekend. Then Monday we'll be on our way to St. Louis to look at Covenant Theological Seminary.

4. Another thing going on (more of a mental thing) is that I've been thinking a lot about the way people (generally) perceive the occupation of a teacher. Many think that since we don't have to be at school past about 3:40 and that we get long Christmas and summer breaks, and spring break (Panama City baby!) - that it's an easy job where we don't have to work on the weekends and get to come home and sip cocktails all afternoon. Let me tell you that this is not the case. I'm physically and emotionally worn out all the time. Being a mother, dictator, teacher, drill sergeant, nurse, counselor, and friend to 96 12 year olds is no easy task. I'm up at about 5:45 every morning and will spend about 14 hours grading 96 essays, only to do the same thing again in a few weeks. Not to mention dealing with parents who think their children are oh-so-perfect and are never to blame for anything. I am at school by 7:15 most mornings and hardly ever leave school before 4:30 only to come home and grade/plan some more. Despite the grading and school politics/drama I love teaching. I just wish is was as respected as it once was.

Check out this Andy Griffith Show teacher clip; it's one of my favorites.

5. Tom is toiling in the fields, so I'm going to get the clean on here in our place.

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