Monday, May 10, 2010

"where the players play"

It's cleaning day here at the Hart House. When Tom doesn't have his regular Bible study on Thursday nights, there aren't any motivating factors that to keep things in order over here. I knew that when we got married our state of cleanliness would go one way or another - because Tom and I are pretty evenly messy (although I might have a step up on him - roommates and family can attest to that). I once even had a roommate who closed my bedroom door because they couldn't stand the messiness of my room - that's a true story. So I knew that either we'd become neat freaks or the mess would grow exponentially.

Well - our messiness has grown exponentially. Somehow, on weekends when we aren't here - things get worse. Friday night we drove to a nearby lake for an RUF committee meeting and dinner. Saturday I went to the ATL for a baby shower. I'd always heard my brother refer to Atlanta as the place "where the players play," and I actually saw the phrase on a sign in the mall. I thought about going clubbing on my way home but forgot my clubbing attire - maybe next time. Tom took some RUF students to his parents farm in Americus to go fishing all day.

Me, Katie (pregnant lady), and Joanna

On Sunday we had a relaxing morning - then we went weeding in our garden for about an hour. A couple of months ago we played in an RUF tennis tournament - Tom and I were both out in the first round of matches - and we have been trying to figure out who is the worse player. Well - we played a match of 7 games (perhaps we didn't score it correctly), but Tom won 4 out of 7 games. So he is the winner. After tennis we were at church helping with a Mother's Day Dinner - we arrived at 4 and left at 8:30. We were in bed at 9, so I could wake up to plan my school-week at 5 this morning. I'll leave you with a recent family portrait:

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