Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

I'll update you on the happenings of life later - but wanted to give my dad a shout-out as it was his birthday on Sunday! Also - happy birthday to the 8 puppies that Pearl just had (Agnes's mama, and also Tom's parents' dog). Also - I'm up right now - 12:15ish - because of these guys: Skeeters
I've counted up my war wounds - and just on my feet alone - I have about 35 bites. I've tried everything - and the itching does not diminish. After doing some research tonight, and here are some of my fruitless attempts:

1. soaked feet in hot water
2. rubbed white vinegar onto feet
3. tried some Benedryl gel
4. tried some cortozone cream
5. tried some Caolmine Plus cream
6. tried 2 Benedryl tablets
7. tried a strong allergy - cortozone pill
8 boiled water - and wrapped my feet with hot cloths (which I've had the most immediate relief from - but I can't do that while I'm trying to sleep!)
9. tried tea tree oil
and that might be it for this evening. Here is what my feet still look like; I'm feeling quite miserable.

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