Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our farm...

I mean, the 30x30 plot of land we're "leasing" from an Auburn Ag. fraternity. We have about 10 rows to make use of. Tom and I have spent several hours toiling in the fields - some of it has been fruitless labor. Our okra is completely dead - the entire row. But - our peppers and tomatoes are kicking it, the ants ate my one strawberry, and then we planted green bean, giant onion, carrot and eggplant seedlings. The green beans have been my favorite to watch. The seeds look like tictacs (I'll insert picture later) - and now they are little seedling pods:

After all of our okra died - we consulted an experienced vegetable gardener in our church - and he advised us to soak the seeds in water - so here is the soaking in process:

All of this growing inspiration started when I planted some zinnia seedlings over spring break because I really wanted flowers to cut to keep inside. Here is the progress of those seedlings:

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